The Meota Girls Club starting up again at the lake

The combines had just started up again last week and then it rained on the weekend to stop them. The birds are flocking and preparing for their migration flights, and eating lots in the meantime. Many birds have already left. I will miss the little pine siskins that frequented my feeders, an expensive hobby watching them, but one I enjoy.

Water bills for Jackfish Lake West Water Utility Corp. that were being paid at the village office will now be paid at the Credit Union or by mail to Box 123 or online. For information go to

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The Meota Girls Club starts up again on Sept. 17 in the United Church basement, from 6:30 to 8 p.m. for girls nine years old or older. This is a great opportunity for girls to learn crafts, work together on projects and make new friends.

Duplicate bridge was played in the city Sept. 5 with high scores in order - Mary Greenwald and Gerry Fernandes, Catriona Winterholt and Donna Scherman, Margaret Dyck and Dave Creegan.

Walter and Mary Tait of Meota were pleasantly surprised when their two daughters, Jane and Gail, took them off to Banff for the long weekend. They all enjoyed the beautiful scenery, revisiting local attractions and watching the wildlife. The flowers there this year were unbelievable.

The first shuffleboard tournament of the fall season will take place Sept. 14. If you are interested call Linda at 306-892-2179.

Souvenir T-shirts and hoodies with “Jackfish Lake”  and “University of Meota” are available at The Cottage in Meota.

Three tables of Canasta played at the Do Drop In Sept. 6 with top score going to Linda Ard and Lorna Pearson, then Vern Iverson and Arlene Walker, and Paulette Neale and David Ottas. Again farm produce was shared, with lovely strawberries and apples off a tree that’s 100 years old. 

A drive through the city is sure to impress anyone with their beautiful flower pots this summer. They are beyond perfect. What did we do before we had Wave petunias? They are so showy and colorful.

The long weekend was a busy one at the boat launch as people were bringing in their boats for storage and they were also removing the docks and lifts from the lake.

At a northern British Columbia farm in the Smithers area, a farmer found 40 bears in his oat field. They have multiplied rapidly in the last few years.

A well-planned and well attended farewell oarty was hosted by the Meota Hotel on Aug. 24 honouring the late owner Kevin Foster who passed away July 31.The band Rosette kept the large crowd entertained and dancing to classic hits and invited two additional great vocalists in Kayla Bernier and Ms. Amos. They had been booked by Kevin earlier, so it was fitting that the arrangement carry through. Kevin was a fellow who wanted to see the village grow and stood up for the citizen’s rights. He was there to help anyone who needed help. Kevin’s funeral was held in Meota Community Complex Aug. 17 and was well attended by friends and neighbours from Meota, Edam, Jackfish Lake and the Battlefords. He will be missed.

Back to school is underway so do drive cautiously. On the roads watch for the school buses, especially where they are loading and unloading their precious cargo.

Yoga and kick boxing classes are being offered locally and in Vawn, so watch for posters for details.

Excellent fireworks were set off on the beach Aug. 31. I expect a permit was issued and safety rules followed.

Now the village is slowing down, and the concession is closed but the hotel is still open.. They open at 10 a.m. at the present time. To find more details go to Facebook under Meota Regional Park and encourage friends to come and visit and enjoy our piece of paradise. Our current house market makes it easy to own your own place and love Meota as residents do.

New residents will find the newspaper at the boxes by the store soon after 2:30 p.m. on Thursdays. Don’t forget the News Optimist is available online, too, The monthly calendar is available from the village office.

Contacts with relatives in the Pictou area in Nova Scotia report some trees down and power off but otherwise not bad. The bridge to Prince Edward Island was closed temporarily.

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