Things can get congested at the lake

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Finally! Some sunny days without rain. Maybe now the farmers can get some haying done. We did see a couple fields that had been baled but looked like last year’s bales because it had been rained on before it was dry enough to bale. A drive to Spiritwood for strawberries revealed areas that the wind laid the crop down and nearby fields that were not damaged at all. Caffet’s Market garden this side of Spiritwood had beautiful strawberries, but they are nearly over. The saskatoons were still good and raspberries are ready now and the cherries by Aug. 15. Some vegetables are ready, but more later, and the corn will be Sept. 1.

For the first time in three years there was a “black moon.” This is when we get two new moons in one month, as happened July 2 and July 31.

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Kathy Richardson led the service at the Anglican/United Church Aug. 4, with a good turnout of folks.

On Facebook we saw pictures from Macklin where the ground was white with hailstones. We had a few, but not much here in the village. It did leave white scars on the pea pods and made holes in some leaves, but could have been much worse.

While the village was alive with people and traffic over the long weekend, there were some dangerous scenes observed in various places. Reports of speeding golf carts or driving in the dark without lights or reflectors, popping out of back alleys without stopping, seeing children driving them, or riding on a watercraft on a trailer behind a truck makes you wonder what their parents are thinking. Watching the congestion at the five-way stop near the beach is pretty scary, too. Both sides of every street are full of parked vehicles, long outfits are coming in or leaving, some not stopping, the smaller rigs or carts are coming and going, kids on bikes are crossing without stopping, children are darting both directions in their excitement to go to the beach or concession, or back to their camper. All we can do is hope the season ends without tragedies to give the village a bad name and cause grief for whoever is involved. 

The steak supper at the sailing club Friday evening, Aug. 2, was a tremendous success. The inch thick beefsteak was seasoned and cooked to perfection, like I have never seen or enjoyed before. What a treat! It was a full house gathering that enjoyed the entertainment after supper by the Chickadee Songwriter’s Group. They hold this supper annually, so am looking forward to their 2020 event.

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