Unity enjoys parades in spite of pandemic

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Thank you again to everyone who honoured the UCHS grad class of 2020 with your support for their parade and sharing genuine, safe, well wishes to them all. Also a big thanks to UCHS staff for all of the efforts in making this unique graduation a special and memorable one for all.

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Unity, in spite of a pandemic, was able to enjoy not one but two parades this year. The June 10 seniors’ centre parade included nearly 40 vehicles while the grad parade was just over 40 vehicles and both were welcome and appreciated by all who experienced them.

School is “out” for the summer, but playgrounds have been re-opened, so please be mindful when driving through school zones.

Because I had a graduate in our house and my work zone will be changing this month, I sent this column in a little early to ensure I didn’t miss the deadline. I may have missed a news update or two, but rest assured, I will get them into next week’s column.

Even though there were not the July 1 group celebrations and fireworks we were accustomed to, people took advantage of virtual and online Canada Day celebrations as well as enjoying a day in their yards with family. Be thankful we live in Canada and Saskatchewan.

Here’s hoping this finds you all safe, healthy and socially distanced. Until next week ...

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