Unity Western Days on this weekend

Here we are in the last week of May 2019 wondering if we are ever going to get nice weather and real spring or real rain? Plenty of predictions for a hot summer out there, however if we don’t get the rains needed, that heat will not be so welcome.

Last weekend was another busy one in town with the town wide garage sale on Saturday and Unity minor ball day all day Sunday.

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Coming up in Unity in the weeks ahead: May 31 to June 2 Unity Western Days; June 1 and 2 baseball tournament at the diamonds; June 7 oilman’s golf tournament; June 8 and 9 baseball tournament at the diamonds; June 9 two-person golf tournament; June 15 motocross races; June 14 to 16 GPLS softball championships.

Round up your partners and mosey on down to any or all of the activities taking place this weekend as part of the annual Unity Western Days. Barbecues, dances, rodeo action, parade on Saturday and much more. Don’t miss a moment of the fun and excitement that this weekend will offer to residents and visitors. Check out full schedule posters around town as well as their social media sites for updates on what is all taking place in conjunction with this event. A big thank you to Brian Woytiuk and the Western Days committee for organizing another big slate of activities for this annual event. These events not only provide entertainment for residents to take part in at home but they offer a boost to our economy as rodeo participants and visitors come in for the event and support our eateries, hotels and fuel up.

A huge shout out to Unity Public School who took their entire student population out the afternoon of May 23 to pick trash around town, and this task was done all with these kids smiling. Way to give back to your community. As an appreciative community member, I say thank you!

Congratulations to Dillon Poschenreider, who is a graduate from the Badlands Baseball Academy and won a memorial scholarship for his ethics and work both on the field and off.

Collectively we can all make a difference in the stopping the pollution of our community, our province and our planet. Did you know that:

-Delta Coop has a bin to recycle plastic shopping bags;

-Nearly every store has options of reusable shopping bags to purchase and just have them with you when shopping to avoid taking home more plastic;

-Sarcan recycles multiple items including beverage containers, some electronics, paint etc. – check out their list before you throw away;

-better yet use reusable travel mugs;

-UCRC accepts numerous gently used clothing and small household items;

-Diabetes Truck comes regularly to pick up items than can be sold to value village or repurposed;

-Give gently used clothing to friends, family, neighbours as kids love hand me downs;

-use compost for garden waste;

-Conserve water, put up rain barrels or water collectors for flowers and gardens;

-use the method taught in our schools REDUCE, REUSE, RECYCLE;

-the town has a glass bin for recycling CLEAN glass products;

-opt out of plastic straws for take-out beverages;

-take your own containers for deli and produce items at food stores rather than using plastic produce bags;

-find farm families that can reuse Styrofoam egg cartons or give to schools for paint projects;

-re think the use of anything that only has a single use.

There is no lack of action at the diamonds these days. Both Midget and Senior Cardinals are now into their season with NSRBL. Senior Cardinals have hosted some games and will have home games upcoming June 3, 13 and 27 with five games on the road in June. In June the Midget Cardinals host on June 3, June 10, 12, 17 and 26 with three games on the road in June.

This weekend also will be a baseball tournament at the diamonds, with a U18 baseball tournament hosted at the diamonds. Watch social media posts, posters around town or the town website for more details.

At UCHS, this is the home stretch for students, and celebrate it or lament it, the last month of high school days for Grade 12s. Track and field is heading to provincials this weekend with hopes of adding to their banners in the gym. Awards nights are upcoming next week and then the windup down for activities and windup for cramming and jamming for those classes before yearend. Don’t blink, folks, because June will fly by very quickly. Congratulations to Warrior football players Thomas Ward and Dawson Wilson who advanced from tryouts to Sask senior bowl which took place last weekend at Mosaic Stadium. Zenon Orobko has continued in tryouts for Team Sask and working out at Top 100 camps.

At UPS, congratulations is extended to Sunshine Delorme who won the provincial U10 punt competition at the pass, punt and kick competition. UPS track and field is set for tomorrow unless weather is uncooperative; at which time, it will move to Tuesday June 4. Field trips will keep classes busy this month: June 7 - Gr. 3 Field Trip; June 12 - Gr. 5 Field Trip; June 12 and 13 - Gr. 6 Field Trip; June 13 - Gr. 2K Field Trip; June 18 - Kindergarten Year End Celebration; June 20 - Gr. 4 Field Trip; June 21 - Gr. 3/4 Field Trip; June 21 - Gr. 2P Field Trip; June 24 - Gr. 6 Year End Celebration; June 25 - Last day of Kindergarten; June 26 - Last day of classes.

At St. Peter’s school, they have taken a deep breath and are ready to jump into June with both feet knowing they will be busy with the last month of school, the last month of enjoying Grade 6 students before they migrate to the high school in fall, field trips and planning year end celebrations.

Congratulations to Unity Credit Union on recently hosting Precious Gilbert from Nigeria as part of the International Credit Union exchange learning program. As well, for the third year in a row they won a national marketing award.

Always remember the best way to show appreciation to our small museum committee and group of volunteers is by taking guests there as a way to show off this fine venue and visitors are a good way to show appreciation of all that they do here. I took my 80-year-old dad on May long weekend and he was amazed at this facility. We take this showcase place in Unity for granted as it is always here and we are accustomed to its appearance both inside and out. My dad’s words after his visit, “Everything is so clean and well arranged with such details. Many small towns have one building to house their museum while Unity has multiple buildings to showcase their historic town. This place is well laid out, well maintained and well worth the visit.”

Coffee row friends love to review all the fun that is continually part of the social calendar here in Unity, whether it has already happened or is something upcoming. They also are sharing everyone’s weather wonders after a weird first half of 2019 in weather occurrences and pondering what is up for our summer? So you see we keep busy here in Unity with wisdom, laughter and plenty of fun here in Unity with our friends on coffee row.


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