Vaccine makes it way to Edam care home

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Winter is here but only severe for a few days, making this an easy one to survive. It was near -30 C Sunday night, with that being the coldest for a while. 

COVID-19 vaccine was offered to the staff and residents of the Edam Lady Minto Health Care Centre Jan. 20, with the follow-up shot being offered Feb. 10. 

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Allie Raycroft moved into Caleb Village recently, and plans to make it her home.

They are still playing pickleball in Oliver, B.C., but play as singles, not as couples.

SSAI is celebrating “Let no one be alone” week. Now more than ever smiles and laughter are precious. They have an idea for a theme each day ‑ communications, exercise, spiritual practises, arts, music, nature and virtual world. It’s pretty hard to celebrate when their material doesn’t get to Do Drop In members earlier and we can’t get together anyway. We will see what they have sent out, and figure out if we can do anything with the material.

The Chitek Lake Bush Buddies Virtual Survival Rally slated for Feb. 13 is sold out, The snowmobile trails are groomed and in good condition for anyone wanting to enjoy a ride out in nature. It is a great trail.

The caretaker from the transfer site reported some activities out there. The site has been robbed three times in recent months. The first time a battery, some gas and the lawn tractor key were stolen. The second time, in October, the lawn tractor, a John Deere D130, was taken.

This last time, between Jan. 19 and 23, a screen was broken and culprits climbed in the window. They took a sledge hammer, random screwdrivers, 1/2 box of Kleenex, the drawer from the desk and $5 in nickels and dimes. The funny thing, though, was that they even took the caretaker’s salt and pepper shakers, bringing him to the conclusion they are “well-seasoned criminals!” If anyone knows who might be responsible, call the village office or the RCMP.

Posters and advertising went out on Jan. 8 that non-perishable food would be gathered at the Meota store for delivery to the food bank in North Battleford. The motto of the drive was “Buy local and support your store and the food bank.” Items were gathered Jan. 16 for four hours and again Jan. 18 for two. Donated was 693 pounds of food worth approximately $1,250. This was organized by Bonnie and Ed Tait, and welcomed with appreciation by the food bank when the load was delivered Jan, 18. Nina and Jack Park helped with delivery. This goes to show what a community can do when they work together for a good cause.

In an attempt to recoup lost revenue from a COVID-19 plagued winter, Edam Community Recreation Centre hosted a snowmobile rally Jan. 9, followed by an oline auction.

Organizers worked to ensure all participants in the rally would be safe. There was a10-rider shotgun start to stagger machines along the trails. Starts were staged in 15-minute intervals.

In-person interaction was limited by conducting registrations online. There was no food or beverages allowed on the course or warm up spots for gathering. Organizers report these rules did not hinder registration numbers as, “everyone is familiar with restrictions and enjoyed having something to do with their families and friends that was socially distanced on its own due to the nature of the sport with helmets and sleds.”

There were 136 registered riders of all ages. All paid riders were entered into a door prize draw with 33 winners going home with prizes. The weather was great temperature wise, but fog was a factor.

A 50/50 prize of $1,000 was won by Donell Gervais of Mervin. 

Online auction items are up for bid until Jan. 31.

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