Vaccines give hope for brighter days ahead

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When we celebrated Easter 2020 in lockdown as a result of the pandemic taking we likely never expected that 2021 may bring similar options. However, with the continued vaccine rollout, we can all be hopeful for brighter days ahead.

Regardless of what you are doing this Easter, remember to be thankful that we are not being shelled by enemies, not being oppressed by dictators and are not suffering famine or natural disasters. Continue to be mindful, thankful and kind.

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Our neighbours to the west were not able to capture a top four spot with their fourth Kraft Hockeyville bid. However, Unity will join them in supporting the town of Lumsden, who now hope to move from their top four spot to earn the Hockeyville title.

Spring melt is deceiving say our local fire department and RM officials. Grass, leaves and other debris left from last fall are combustible, so use common sense and caution before having a fire in your yard or burning something on your property. Recent snowfall brought a little extra spring moisture.

Did you know the paved pathways in Unity have been around for 18 years? Even before that the paved path in Memorial Park was installed, and, under the direction of Keith Wilson, paths were established in the regional park ball diamonds and have expanded ever since thanks to grants and community donations. There are plans for more to be created in the years ahead, including the Lions Club commitment to pave the existing dirt/gravel-based path that leads to the dog park.

Fundraisingwas a struggle for Unity museum over the past year, but the operation managed to stay in the black. This upcoming year may be iffy, according to museum officials, as there no Sunday brunches or rent from the hall as revenue. They have hopes to start the Sunday brunches come November, but time will tell. The museum committee is looking for donations, bequests and grants to see them through 2021. If motivated, please do what you can to help.

With rink season over, players and coaches are itching to get back to the diamonds. Ball registration has taken place but what will happen for a season this year remains to be seen.

Here’s hoping this finds you all safe, healthy and socially distanced. Until next week ...

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