Village council elected by acclamation

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The action continues as construction will soon be closing down for winter, and only inside work will continue. It is good to see progress as we end the summer off.

Contact with a local councillor has informed me that there will be no election in Meota. The council has been elected by acclamation with Mayor Dave Konopelski and councillors Carole Chapman, Betty Johnson, Therese Ducharme, all incumbents, and new to this council, Pat Becotte, 

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The bus from River Heights Lodge was out this way Oct. 15, so must have been taking some residents for an afternoon tour of the countryside. How wonderful to get outdoors after the long isolation they have endured.

Gloria and Eden Kim have sold the store and moved to Calgary, while Nina and Jack Kim from Edmonton. have come to manage the store. We wish both couples success in their future endeavours.

The bridge players played Tuesday afternoon in the Pioneer Hall with two and a half tables. Top scores went to Bob and Betsy Brown and Margaret Dyck and Vern Iverson. Thursday evening, Oct. 15, with three and a half tables, saw top score go to Anna Waldbillig and Eric Callbeck followed by Vern Iverson and David Sharpe and then Jean Lawes and Fraser Glen. It is so good to get out and about and socializing again.

The first fall afternoon of Norwegian whist was played at the Meota Do Drop In Oct. 16. High scores, in order, were Vern Iverson, Carol Huys, Janice Morton and Eric Callbeck.

Thanksgiving saw many folks gathered for family dinners and, over the weekend, several Alberta plates were seen around the village. Our bunch left Tuesday after spending time helping Al Lambert with his yard work. Carrie and Neil Sandstrom and their two sons are moving from Calgary, Alta. to Kamloops, B.C. with Neil’s job. A big move for them all.

A friendly afternoon was spent playing canasta at the home of Arlene Walker Oct. 17, as a farewell party for Jack Stewart who will soon be moving to live in the Enriched Manor in Edam. His first excitement about the move is looking forward to getting three home-cooked meals every day, then to have people to play cards with, especially cribbage, and always someone to socialize with. The hostess expressed our wishes that he will be happy in his new environment, but also the fact that he won’t be available every time we need him to make up a foursome, here, for cards. He will be missed by many folks.

Joyce Rowland from Wetaskiwin, Alta. has spent a week with her mother and Aunt Linda, painting her kitchen cupboards, but she got in one evening of canasta with friends here, so was happy about that. She is sure she won’t be able to spend the winter in New Zealand as she has for several years.

This report has been updated to correct a statement that the new council is the same. In fact, there is a new councillor on the council this term.

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