Watch for major pothole in Lakeview area

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Spring has sprung and as usual leaves some messes behind. The biggest one is damage to the streets, as much repair work is needed to get them into good shape for summer traffic. If you drive into the Lakeview area watch out for a fair-sized hole in the road, again one of spring’s surprises. March came in like a lamb and went out like a lion. We made out fine here, but some places in Alberta and Saskatchewan had snow storms and squalls. Even in April there have been times of much wind, but otherwise it has been good.

A traffic accident in downtown Meota on Good Friday did considerable damage to both vehicles. A truck hit the driver’s door of a van at a controlled intersection. We were held up there waiting for the ambulance and other vehicles that follow an accident to arrive. 

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The outdoor rink in Meota was used by many over the winter. They were happy to have access to a new fire pit acquired by Brandon St. Amant. One could bring “wood and wieners” and enjoy a snack during their break from skating. The wonderful ice was maintained by Derek Welford. The cone liner for the fire pit was donated by Cockburn Construction and much appreciated. 

How these great-grandchildren grow. Now I have one in Saskatoon university who has just been accepted into law school and is so excited about it, while another great-grandson is in Denmark, working in Copenhagen. He is staying with friends until his working visa gets figured out. 

A new mobile home has been moved into the northwest end of town, so our population just keeps growing. I don’t think right now that there are any homes on the market in Meota but there are empty lots for sale.

It is nice to see they are carrying some fresh produce in our local store where it is so handy to shop. 

There are several old overgrown trees being taken down in various parts of the village, so the blocks, once split, will be ready for barbecuing in the outdoor pits next summer.

Some folks got back into their card playing routine last week, with bridge at the Pioneer Hall in the city and canasta here in the Do Drop In. It’s a good feeling that life may be getting back to almost normal with the first COVID shots being received by most seniors. Folks are still being careful about masks and sanitizing,.

Meota ADRA will be sponsoring summer swimming lessons again this year, taking place at the Meota Regional Park. There will be three sessions for various levels ‑ July 5 to 11, Aug. 9 to 15 and a third session that is still  to be announced. For more information contact Emily at 306-551-5323 or visit the Meota ADRA Facebook page.

Greg Lambert, from Fort McMurray, Alta. spent a week with his father Al at their new home in Lakeview, last week. He encountered a snow storm on his way home Saturday, slowing traffic to 80 km/h. for an hour or more, making the trip even longer.

There seems to have been a rash of house fires lately, and I have just learned that the one that burned west of Hamlin was the original home built by Bill Arsenault, where he and Yvonne raised their family, some years ago. He built a second one later on. Two pictures of this fire, on Facebook, were outstanding, and showed the river in the background.

There was lots of action around over the Easter weekend, with people coming in and opening their cabins for the summer. Many had family gatherings, too, so we can only hope all goes well for everyone.

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