Water has been rising in Meeting Lake

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Wow is it ever great to see activity resume in the community and the countryside. Although it seems like things are slow to emerge, reports are that seeding is almost complete.  It is good to see equipment moving on the roads and to see boats and recreational vehicles moving about.

People in the community have been adhering to the COVID restrictions for the most part and have managed to keep COVID-19 away from our doors. Of course, social distancing has made it impossible for social gatherings such as coffee row and music nights, but also annual meetings and the usual spring affairs.

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There have been some changes in the community. One very noticeable one would be at the local post office. After 14 years of meeting the public and making sure everyone gets their monthly bills, Carol Rohl has retired.  The community would like to thank Carol for her service (but not for the bills) that she has provided and wishes her well in her retirement.  A replacement for Carol has not yet been hired.  Thanks to Collette Cooper and Holly French for filling in in the interim.

Another change is in the Community Hall.  Thanks to a donation of $5,000 from the Rabbit Lake and District Ag Association, new LED lights have been purchased and installed on the carpeted side of the the hall. Additionally, since the old lights were down, the ceiling was repainted by Ken Rogers and then after the lights were installed the carpet was professionally cleaned and sanitized. The table and chairs have been sanitized and the kitchen thoroughly cleaned by board members. Thanks for their time, effort and interest in our community hall.

After much long and heated debate, the RM council of Round Hill has leased two new graders for RM road work. Previously road work was contracted out. Already the graders have been put to work as a team of people needed to fight a grass fire south of Rabbit Lake.  Speaking of fires, please read the RM information board at the RM office or contact Chrissy Moore to see if a fire ban is in place. I know many people were aware that a ban existed and was only lifted of May 29.

Get well wishes go out to Greg McKenzie as he repairs from a quadding mishap!

The community also sends its condolences to the Klassen family on the passing of Mr. Herman Klassen. Herman Klassen, from the Sandwith/Glenbush area served on the hospital board at one time, was a master carpenter and farmer. Herman was 90 years young in January.

Meeting Lake Regional Park will be open as of June 2. Ken and Stella will once again be operating the concession.

Speaking of Meeting Lake, the water continues to rise and rise. Previously a berm was built at the regional park to hold the water back from the lake front cabins.  This spring the lake has risen to the top of the berm. East winds cause the water to lap over the berm and consequently cause flooding issues for those cabins. On May 23, the RM of Spiritwood issued a declaration of emergency so that provincial assistance could be obtained to help with sandbagging and the installation of an air bladder.  A league of volunteers did get the sandbags in place; however, the waves continue to lap over during high easterly winds. As a result of the May 23 flooding, some cabins did have water on their floors.  Water continues to flow into Meeting Lake from King’s Lake and St. Elmo Lake. Usually this run in has ceased by this time of year but excessive water and beaver activity to the east, has made for a different situation. Again, on May 29, the gale force winds rolled in from the east causing the water to surge over the berm and the previously laid sandbags. More sandbagging was required! On May 30 the wind shifted direction but not intensity. The west winds toppled trees on the lake shore causing docks to be destroyed. What a season this has been!

Look forward to continued improvement in the community. Thanks once again to Mary MacDonald for planting the community flowers and her willingness to water and fertilize them for another season.  The RM of Round Hill has approved the hiring of a summer student to cut grass, do some painting, and various tasks. The Rabbit Lake Museum will be hiring the same student one day a week to work at the museum, consequently having it open to the public.





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