WDM to reopen in early August

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The Western Development Museums in Saskatchewan are slated to reopen in early August to volunteers and visitors. In North Battleford there are lots of open spaces through the village, but COVID-19 rules will be place. Everyone is looking forward to the opening. There will be no Those Where the Days in August due to the pandemic.

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The weather has turned hot and the heat always seems to bring up some nasty thunder and lightning storms. One storm built up lat on Thursday night. It came with powerful winds of near tornado force. Our apartments had some damage to shingles on the roof, while some decks had articles broken or blown away. On the main street in Battleford there was some damage done to the spruce trees. The power was off and on for the first part of the storm. After the winds slowed down close to an inch of rain fell. The thunder was loud and sharp lightning with some strikes close by. Some crops in the area had wind damage.

The river flood left a few pools of still water. These have been breeding places for the mosquitoes and they are out in full force.

In the past month two couples have moved out of our complex to different homes in Battleford. There has been two couples move in as well. There are still a few empty apartments. We welcome all the new people and hope to get to know them soon.

Pest control officer for the RM of Glenside has been making his rounds in the Baljennie area checking for pesky weed patches and checking for rodents.

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