Wear your old clothes, since no one will see you

We are staying home and surviving, so far. How long this mess will last is really anybody's guess. Those who depend on weekly or monthly pay cheques will be suffering while waiting for the process of getting help to them unfolds. Financial pain is a bad thing, too.

When Joyce got to the airport in Edmonton March 28, a big sign proclaimed "$1 million fine for anyone not staying in isolation for two weeks." She has been in isolation since Feb. 1, when she got on that cruise ship and China had their first outbreak, then again in New Zealand when she got there and now in Canada. Her car was at the airport in Edmonton when she arrived and there was food in her fridge when she got home. She has fantastic neighbours.

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This is a good time to be wearing those old clothes you couldn't throw away but don't want to be seen wearing.

The transfer station at Meota is closed but the one at Cochin is open for bagged garbage and recyclables. Garbage bag tags can be procured at the RM office, but you must phone ahead and make an appointment to pick them up.

My adult grandson was refused service at Wendy's in Calgary because his vehicle was not a car but his bicycle.

Two men whose daily routine has been disrupted found a way to get in their morning visit over a cup of Tim Hortons coffee by parking their vehicles side-by-side, in opposite directions, rolling down their windows and carrying on their visit as usual.

There is some confusion about the meaning of the words isolation and quarantine. They read the same in my dictionaries, so basically mean the same, and that's how people are using the terms.

The Hometown Grocery in Medstead offers take-out soup and sandwich every day, but not Wednesday specials, for now. 

Another story comes out of the United States where a trucker took pictures of the many trucks waiting at a warehouse, to unload or load. Workers only work from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m., so it was all locked up. More frustration for our truck drivers who work all hours to do their job. 

Being home alone reminds one of the Christmas movie of that name, but there's no excitement happening. Then there's Anne Murray's song, "We Rise Again," which is our objective.

The two fellows who were scratched by a cat that was likely rabid, are doing fine and taking treatment for it. I checked on Google and it's a much more serious problem than one would expect, but they are taking their shots and feeling OK.

The fish shacks had to be off the lake by March 31, so the boat dock area was a busy place on the weekend, almost as busy as a summer Sunday. Because the snow had blown into that area several folks got stuck and needed help to get through the deep snow and up the bank.

It is noticeable, with the snow melting, that there are areas in the village where dogs are running loose, probably at night. This is disgusting when folks are out walking more than ever these days, and one should not have to be watching where you're walking, for that. It is also unsightly and proves we have irresponsible pet owners among us. This applies to the cat paths we see also, off the owner's property.

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