What a historic year 2020 has been so far

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Five months into this tumultuous year that started with Iran tensions, rail blockades, fuel shortages with refinery workers strike and now the pandemic, it has been a wild ride. Not a year anyone wanted to experience, but we are all practising perseverance skills while social distancing.

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Spring seeding continues and it brings a wonderful sense of normalcy to see this activity in our midst. Thank you to our farmer friends for continuing to do your important work that benefits us all.

Sask. reopening, has it been successful or hindered? Virtual high fives to all employees of outlets that remained open during the shut down. Best wishes to those businesses and services that have opened with additional precautions as part of the reopening plan. Remember, we need to remain diligent and vigilant in our social distancing measures and precautions to continue to flatten the COVID-19 curve.

UCHS has announced they will hold virtual graduation on June 26.

A number of recent posts on social media expressed concern about traffic issues in town. Excess speed, texting and driving or non-hands-free talking and driving have been observed. Also questioned was the right of way at uncontrolled intersections. The problem is, the police are not on social media, and they can’t be everywhere. Residents are reminded by the RCMP detachment staff the importance of reporting incidents to them directly in order for them to respond to, investigate and potentially ticket or charge the offender. If you see an infraction that you feel needs reporting, then do so. But, do it by calling the local detachment at 306-228-6300 and leaving a message or call 310-RCMP. If the police don’t see it, or a statement can’t be made, then they can’t proceed with the complaint.

The Unity and District Heritage Museum is not open yet. Right now the summer staff are busy cleaning the buildings and yard for the season, as these jobs need to be done anyway. The museum has hired two summer students. There are many odd jobs that need to be done and small projects. The COVID-19 project is still in the works for this year. So far the museum has collected some newspaper articles and are waiting for write ups and stories from people about how the virus has affected them, and what they have done to keep busy during this event. This project will go until the end of the year.

The veteran project is still ongoing and will for a few more years yet. What is needed is a picture of the veteran in uniform with regiment number and where they were during the war, as well as when they were born, who they married and when, and if, they died. All this will go onto a page and be put into the memorial book.

Here’s hoping this finds you all safe, healthy and socially distanced. Until next week ...

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