Winter is already half over

We are now well into a new year and getting everything back to normal. Days are getting longer, which is welcome and, since we are halfway through winter, spring feels not too far away.

The first RM of Glenside Recreation Board meeting was held Jan. 3 at the home of Irene Greer. A glass etching class held in November went over well and was well attended by interested young people. Some continued the craft at home, making Christmas gifts. Thanks to Tracy Gardiner and Joan Rayner for teaching and hosting the class.

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Cheques were made out for the classes held and all the other donations the recreation board is making for 2010-11. Funds left over will be used to host an event at Baljennie Community Centre in March. More details will be provided later. This will bring all events to an end for this season. Watch for more events when the board receives the next grant. Anyone who would like to suggest activities for the board to host or fund is urged to contact board members soon. The board is interested in knowing what is interesting and crafty to do. The next meeting was set for Mach 7 at the home of Tracy Gardiner of Spinney HJill.

Glenn and Eileen Peters of Rainbow Lake, Alta. spent the Christmas holiday season in the area with their family. They also spent a few days with Glenn's mother, Louise Peters, at Assiniboia.

Congratulations to Rob and Sherri Swaney on the celebration of their 25th wedding anniversary Dec. 28. While Glenn and Eileen Peters were in the area, they held a family supper in North Battleford. Sherri is Eileen's eldest daughter, who now lives in Brandon, Man.

Visiting with Dwayne and Cheryl Bater was their son Jason Bater of St. John, Nfld. He returned to class in the new year. Also visiting was their daughter Sara Lynnn Bater and Brandon Houk of North Battleford. They all spent Christmas Eve with Dwayne and Cheryl Bater.

Chantel and Amanda Bater of Bonnieville, Alta. spent the Christmas holidays with their dad, Greg Bater, and grandparents, Phil and Lorna Bater.

Sympathy to the Fred Kozakewich families of North Battleford on his passing in late September. Burial was Dec. 28. Fred was an active member of the Battlefords Treasure Hunters Club and did a lot to help put on the year events and keep the club together for many years. He was active using his metal detector just hunting for all sorts of coins, jewelry and many other items of interest. I don't think there was a parking lot, school yard, historic area or playground Fred missed in his active years. He also was a teacher in Battleford and taught some of our children when our school closed and they were bussed to Battleford school.

The season's first snow plane rally to be held in Davidson had to be cancelled due to the sudden storm and big snowfall in the southern areas of the province. It was rescheduled for Jan. 23 at Davidson.

So far this winter hasn't provided too many cold days and light snow falls often. Winds have blown drifts onto the roads and in yards. The RM road grader has been out on the main roads. Most roads are clear of snow drifts.

There are still signs of wild boars, particularly in a harvested pea field in the area. They are being hunted and a few have been taken, but they are hard to find and keep well hidden. They come out mainly at dusk and in the early morning. There are many old bales of straw about for the boars to hide and bed down in.

A small herd of horses is also running at large in the area. The farmers did not get all bales hauled and now the horses are bothering them. No one knows where they came from or who they belong to. It seems they may have come off the First Nations land a few miles away. The owners don't seem to care where they are and what they are doing.

Fields were swathed in the fall for swath grazing, and cattle have been turned out in these fields. The cattle have a little snow to dig out to get to the feed. They seem to like that and are doing well, as long as there is no big, sudden snowfall.

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