Another language almost lost

Sept 14, Sons of Norway Lodge had visitors from Norway.

Two language professors came to North Battleford to interview lodge members who learned and spoke Norwegian, as children, in the home. The professors were interested in the history and the dialect that they spoke,

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Years ago most children spoke their mother tongue until they went to school. The younger children learned some English from their siblings and before long, all were speaking English. When they grew up, English was spoken in most homes.

At present time we find it difficult to reach people who were spoken to as children in the Norwegian language. Once it comes to third and fourth generations, the language is pretty well lost here in Canada. The professors contacted Bjorn Tokle, of the Saskatoon lodge, to locate some helpful members to assist in their endeavour.

Ralph and Alice Soiseth were interviewed, taped and photographed by Janne Johannessen and Arnstein Hjelde. The report will be presented in Iceland to other language colleagues at a conference there.

Janne and Arnstein joined us at the farm where they conducted the interviews. They also came to the Sons of Norway meeting in North Battleford where they presented their ideas and the program. Members of the lodge all enjoyed the visit.

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