BEATS Encounter premiere lights up Dekker Centre

Cameras were flashing as BEATS Encounter participants walked the red carpet and debuted their new film.

2018’s BEATS program culminated in an event at the Dekker Centre Tuesday.

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BEATS (building expression through theatre and sound) Encounter participants often come from disadvantaged backgrounds. The program is meant to encourage teamwork, direct energy to a creative outlet, make participants work toward a common goal and expose them to the larger community.

Alan Corbeil, Saskatchewan Health Authority social worker, said a goal of the program is to link youth to locally accessible mentors.

This year’s group was one of the best to work with, Corbeil said.

Before the screening, participants came out of a limousine and walked along a red carpet. There were musical performances in the lobby.

This year’s project involved making a zombie movie. Participants were helped, among others, by Lauro Chartrand, who grew up north of the Battlefords and who currently works as a stuntman.

Corbeil said Chartrand wanted to attend the event, but was filming a Clint Eastwood project in New Mexico.

Previous projects involved making music videos.

Participants attended workshops regarding aspects of creative processes, such as acting, sound, camera work, visual art and make-up and costumes. Participants also spoke about their experiences with the program in filmed segments.

2018’s BEATS Encounter premiere was the program’s fifth.


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