Former Wilkie resident to have book published

Tiare Fenrich, daughter of Marvin and DeeDee of Wilkie, had talked to me a year ago about the book she was writing and recently let me know she has completed it, with the launch to be made in North Battleford in 2021.
I have known her since her family became our neighbours when she, her sisters, Ruve and Lolomai, and brother, Marc, were little. They went to Norman Carter and McLurg High School, with Tiare being the family recorder. She starting to write journals when she was nine and continued writing more than 12 journals. She wrote silly, and sometimes sad stories, of her life with her siblings and family.
"Writing helped me through some dark and challenging times," Tiare says. It was her goal to write a book.
First came her education, starting at the University in Edmonton, where she had hoped to study at the College of Occupational Therapy, specializing in mental health. That didn't work out, so she headed to New Zealand, the homeland of her maternal grandparents, earned a degree and worked there a number of years.
Tiare says she missed her family and friends and the open space, peace and beauty of Saskatchewan. She returned to work at Saskatchewan Hospital as an occupational therapist.
Her thoughts returned to writing a book. She said the idea was sparked on Sept. 1, 2016, when she was visiting her parents in Nelson, B.C. It was a beautiful summer day when she went for a walk that provided inspiration. Tiare said she spied a weird mushroom-like flower, a ghost flower. Tiare laughs and says being a "bit of science nerd" she checked the flower out and learned there was a Cherokee legend about it.
Writing the book was a long haul, sometimes frustrating and she says she wondered if it would ever get finished.
Tiare has targeted her book to an audience of young adults who aren’t into reading and dislike boring books with long chapters.
The main character is a 10-year-old girl called Alex, who encounters a creature on a hot summer’s night while watching the stars. She calls the creature Lark.
Her book is titled Alex and Lank's Ghost Flower Adventure, published by Pegasus.

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