Poundmaker hosts art show May 1

Poundmaker Cree Nation is known for honouring its history, and an upcoming art show looks to continue that tradition.

The art show will feature artwork by Henry Beaudry and Tyrone Tootoosis, along with other historical items, Museum Curator Floyd Favel told the News-Optimist.

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The show, curated by Alexandra Nordstrom, is set to open May 1 at 4 p.m.

Henry Beaudry was the great-great grandson of Chief Poundmaker.

“We wanted to acknowledge him … due to his direct relationship to Poundmaker, but also as one of the great artists of our area,” Favel said.

Beaudry was born and raised on Poundmaker. He also lived on Mosquito First Nation.

Poundmaker leaders are in the process of exonerating Chief Poundmaker. Leaders including former Poundmaker Chief Blaine Favel and Lawrence Weenie had tried to exonerate Chief Poundmaker in the 1990s, but Favel said exoneration was rejected at that time.

Tyrone Tootoosis, Favel said, was a main researcher in exoneration efforts, and the exoneration is Tootoosis’s life’s work. Tootoosis was an actor, activist and oral historian.

The art show will also feature a dress made by Mrs. Horsechild, wife of Horsechild, who was son of Big Bear. The dress is on loan from the Canadian Museum of History in Ottawa.

Chief Poundmaker and Big Bear were central figures in the 1885 North West Rebellion.

Returning to Poundmaker museum is Chief Poundmaker’s gun and staff from Parks Canada. The items were featured at the museum in the summer of 2017.

Favel said the return of the items to Poundmaker brought efforts to exonerate Poundmaker “back into consciousness.”




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