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The Battlefords Community Players’ little theatre has been very busy. We just finished a delightful heartfelt production of The Tin Woman, that you probably heard about and if you didn’t get to see it you are sorry, right? Great job everyone, with special thanks to Darren and Cheryl Olson, director and actress who went above and beyond to make sure everyone across the province/country knew about the play and the issues featured in the play. Bless you both.

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Downstairs rehearsals for True Westby Sam Shepard were carrying on in preparation for opening night on April 2. This drama about two bothers with differing opinions on just about everything provides the audience with lots of strange antics that will give you many opportunities to laugh at and with the actors. The show has four characters, being played by Darrel Yates, Marno Auchstaetter, Harvey Anderson and Judy Bishop. Director Lloyd Deshaye states that with True Westwe found rich ground for imagination and for cutting a wide swath. It is that broad field that has appealed to all of us in the company as a place where we could boldly walk. We hope our choices will both challenge and entertain the audience.

You may wonder what you would do if your bother stole toasters? Or maybe you’ve always wanted to bash your typewriter/computer, right? Or swing your golf clubs in the living room. Yes, they are boldly walking.

Tickets are on sale now. So don’t wait and miss this one, the last of this years’ season. Dates are: opening night show only April 2, with dinner theatre shows on April 4, 5, 6, 12 and 13, which offers everyone options. However, our little theatre has limited seating so waiting too long might mean missing out on live theatre created for and by members of our community.

Call 446-3133 or to book your tickets.

Thanks to all our patrons. We have enjoyed your company this season and look forward to seeing more of you at the theatre. We are busy making plans for 2019-2020, which will again include four shows as part of the season. At this time it looks like three comedies and a thriller, plus a special reading of A Christmas Carol on Dec. 22. We are also continuing to work to bring smaller touring shows to our little theatre, so watch our website and like us on Facebook to keep up with what we are doing.

Thanks again and see you at the theatre.

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