Spider webs an omen of good fortune

I encountered a tremendous amount of spiders and cobwebs during the past autumn and winter months.

Yes, I have been that cobwebs are built where there are drafts in the home, and I am fully aware that the windows in our 24-year-old home might need replacing, but after researching the meaning behind the spider, I think I will be blessed with an abundance of good luck in the New Year!

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In Ukraine, if you find a spider web in the house on Christmas morning, it is believed to be a good luck omen. An artificial spider and web are often included in the decorations on Ukrainian Christmas trees.

There is also a popular spider inspired folk legend from Germany and Ukraine. A woman was cleaning her home for the blessed event of the Christ child coming to bless her home. She cleaned and polished her home from every corner in the ceiling to every corner on the floor. This encouraged all the wee spiders to scatter and hide. The tree was set up and decorated for the children to see it in the morning and for the visit from the Christ Child. During the night when everyone was asleep, the spiders crept out to see the beautiful tree. As the spiders climbed from branch to branch, they left trails of webs everywhere.

When the Christ child came to bless the house, he noticed the webs on the tree and feeling dismayed that the woman and children would be upset, he touched the webs which turned them into sparkling silver and gold. This is believed to be how tinsel came to be a traditional decoration for the Christmas tree.

May your new year be blessed with an abundance of spiders and may they bless you with good luck every morning!

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