Students honoured for a year of achievement

As the school year draws to a close the school community of Maidstone High School paused to acknowledge the accomplishments and challenges of its many groups, committees and teams.

Leadership projects were explained, artistic ventures encouraged and graduates involved in every aspect of school life were congratulated and sent off with well wishes.

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Both the Maidstone High Rock Band and the Junior Band took to the stage to show off their talent and the improvement they have made in recent months.

Coaches outlined the highs and lows of the seasons and shared stories from the road. Track and Field banners were unfurled to celebrate the medals won by graduating athletes Beth Nerbas and Astrid Nyame and Grade 9 runner Keifer Hintz. Coach Dave Speirs commented it was the most medals the school has ever brought home from the provincial meet.

Several coaches chose MVPs for their teams and Outstanding Athlete Awards were presented to male and female athletes in Division 3 and 4. Sarah Graham and Keifer Hintz were presented with the Division 3 awards and the Division 4 awards were presented to Chase James, Astrid Nyame, Beth Nerbas, Lacey Jurke and Danielle Blackmer.

Lunch was served to staff, students and guests followed by the presentation of academic awards and activity plaques.

The number of students on the honour roll proved the school is a good place for high achievers with several students earning honours with distinction. High achievement in academics and general proficiency awards were given out to students at gold, silver and bronze levels for each grade. Academic plaques and activity plaques were presented to students who were on the honour roll or earned high activity points throughout the three years in either Division 3 or 4.

Other special awards were also handed out. In division 3 Bailey McLaren was presented with the Most Improved Award, Josie Weiser was named Most Co-operative and Taylor Robb earned the Worthy Student Award. In Division 4 Greg Peterson and Leoisha Hotvedt took home Most Improved Awards while Austin McLaren and Josh Hult were named Most Co-operative and Keyera Newsted was honoured with the Worthy Student Award.

Students and the community have celebrated the achievements of the 2011-12 school year and are looking forward to celebrating a new season after exams finish next week.

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