WDM volunteer honoured

Roger Giesbrecht, a volunteer at the Western Development Museum Volunteer Association, became a Volunteer Lifetime Member on Thursday. Bob Zurowski, the president of the WDM Volunteers Association, presented the award to Giesbrecht.

Giesbrecht's new status gives him prestige and he is exempted from paying fees. There was a presentation made at the WDM in his honour where he received the reward and many wonderful things said about him.

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It was said that he is a great volunteer and deserves the award more than anyone else.

Giesbrecht also takes pictures and the presenters said they have never seen him without a camera. When he received this award it was his time to be in front of the camera.

Giesbrecht has been a volunteer since 1986 or '87. The part of volunteering Giesbrecht enjoys the most is the people, the jokes and stories. Giesbrecht said, "whenever there is pictures needed they ask, 'where is Roger.'" When asked if Roger has a favourite memory about working for the WDM he said all the memories are good.

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