Young artists win big at Hazees - awards named for North Battleford's Hazel Asmussen

The Battlefords have plenty of young artistic, talent and Rob Rongve made sure many of them were in the same room together last week.

The first annual Hazee Awards, presented as part of a youth art competition, took place at the Chapel Gallery last Thursday.

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Rongve, one of the organizers, told the News-Optimist athletes have access to many athletic competitions, but there are fewer available for artists.

“Why not have some fun?” Rongve said.

The awards are named after the late artist Hazel Asmussen. A prolific member of the Battlefords arts community, Asmussen was a nurse who worked at Battlefords Union Hospital.

“Hazee” was Asmussen’s nickname.

Rongve said the purpose of the event was to celebrate the arts in the community, “and hopefully more kids take it up,” he said.

Landis Roan won $500 for  the artist of the year award for her painting “She Goes Home.”

The woman in the image, Roan wrote in the image’s description, is based on her mother.

“She’s a very big reason why I’m so involved in my community.”

Katie Dyck earned $300 as runner-up for her work “Community in Perspective. Peter Curley Okemow and Savannah Pierre-Weenie each won $100 for Creative Excellence awards, while honourable mentions were each awarded to Alex Obrowsky, Prezlee Wahobin, Kate Fransoo, Alexis Coady and Piper Kent.

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