Photos - 20th anniversary for Pride of the Northwest

Pride of the Northwest MMXX launched its 20th anniversary contest this weekend, Feb. 21 and 22, at Gold Eagle Casino. A total of 57 vocal performers from the Northwest region and beyond competed over Friday and Saturday night to determine the 24 spots in the finals.

There are some changes, with the men’s and women’s categories being combined into a single category.

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Another change is more prize money. Finalists will all earn a portion of the $15,000 in prize money, with the winner receiving a $1,000 recording contract and $4,000 cash.

There were 20 performers who confirmed their place in the finals and they are, in no particular order: Liezl McLeod, Harvey Gardipy, Marmie Quinney, Ian Eltagonde, Vanessa Beaudry, Shanna Sack, Mary Lefevre, Aysha John, Donlee Shingoose, Morgan Trotchie, Jayneika Okemow-Bull, Kelvin Colliar, Chase John, Veronica Cardinal, Jesse Dennett, Randell Martell, Dave Tupling, Aaron Arcand, Jason Chakita and Meg Sparrow.

Four more “Wild Card” entries are still to be determined and those are selected among those with the most likes, shares and comments at the Gold Eagle Casino’s Facebook page.  

The finals take place March 21, with the finalists all performing in front of a live band. The Red River Jigging Competition will also happen that evening.

All photos by Averil Hall

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