Raven She Hollers preps for music video

MEDSTEAD — On the fabulous Saturday evening of May 12, at Ubettchas Tavern in Medstead, local band Raven She Hollers performed a live show to raise awareness and funds for their forthcoming music video.

The video is slated to be filmed later this spring at the old schoolhouse by Birch Lake. According to Chandra Pederson, band member, it will have an “old timey” theme.

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The rustic countryside seems a perfect fit for the band that combines bluegrass, country and folk sounds into a unique and pleasant experience. The popular albums are for sale at the local store and the band frequently performs locally.

Though many already follow the band on Facebook and Instagram, a live performance served as a great community event to celebrate spring with sounds native to the area.

The video will be an adventure for performers and audience alike.


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