Snowed in Comedy Tour is back in 2020 and booked to repeat at the Dekker Centre


They’re on the road again. Canada’s biggest comedy tour, The Snowed in Comedy Tour is back for its 12th consecutive year, bringing a blizzard of laughs to Canadians from coast to coast.

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A Canadian success story in a market of American comedic giants, The Snowed in Comedy Tour is bigger than ever, featuring a rotating line up of four Canadian stand-up comedians, playing 70 shows in 63 cities, from the dead of winter until spring thaw, including a show at North Battleford’s Dekker Centre on Wednesday, March 4.

Four comedians touring across the country is a recipe for laughs –– even offstage. This year fans will have access to the antics that go on in transit through Truck Jokes, a comedy webseries. The series focuses on the riffing that goes on during the long car rides from gig to gig.

Snowed in Comedy Tour is a showcase of some of Canada’s best comedic talent. Four very different, very funny performers unite for a fantastic evening of comedy. Three-time female Comedian of the year Debra DiGiovanni (Video on Trial, Match Game, Debra DiGiovanni: Single, Awkward, Female) rounds out the rest of the line-up of Snowed in Comedy Tour veterans, five-time Canadian Comedian of the year nominee Pete Zedlacher, Just for Laughs winner Dan Quinn, the $25,000 Great Canadian Laugh off winner Paul Myrehaug, along with special guest appearances. There’s something for every brand of humour, and everyone will walk away with their own personal favorite. As in years past, the lineup will vary from city to city, so comedy fans are urged to check their local listings.

Sometimes not taking yourself too seriously pays off, and Snowed in Comedy Tour is proof of that. Dan Quinn wanted to go on a snowboarding vacation with his comedian buddies, but he couldn’t afford to take time off work. He scheduled comedy tour dates strategically around what ski hills he could hit during the day, and paid for his lift tickets and rentals by doing comedy shows at night.

The grassroots Canadian comedy tour has proven to be a winning equation. In a market still dominated by American acts, the homegrown tour has won fans over one performance at a time, and become the largest comedy tour in Canada with over $2 million in ticket sales, and performed internationally for audiences in Australia, U.S.A., France, and Switzerland.



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