Students display art and acting talents

Hafford Central School held its 15th annual art and drama extravaganza March 25 in Hafford.

The first performance of the afternoon was called Murder Most Fowl, written by Colleen Newman. The cast of 13 did an incredible job of learning their lines, dressing the part and drawing the audience into the play with their hillbilly drawl. The Pruitts had a serious chicken problem at the most inopportune time as daughter Lilybell had invited upper class Van Cans to an omelet supper. With chickens disappearing and being replaced with plastic chickens, the family was short on eggs. The play evolves into a feud with the Framinghams, which was resolved by the quick actions of the sheriff and deputy.

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The cast consisted of Savannah Thompson, Hailey Lesko, Marina Rice, Shelby Taylor, Ian Stead, Amber Jackson, Kacy Tkachuk, Malania Pratt-Flanagan, Dawson Lehman, Tyra Smith, Rayleen Roth and Brittany Bezmutko. The play was directed by Laura Weber, sound by Michael Herman and hair and makeup by Brittany Bezmutko, Amber Jackson and Laura Weber.

The second performance was Don't Look in the Lake, by Jeanette Jaquish. This spooky story depicted life at camp and was performed with a cast of eight actors consisting of Dawson Lehman, Brittany Bezmutko, Rayleen Roth, Amber Jackson, Savannah Thompson, Hailey Lesko, Malania Pratt-Flanagan and Kacy Tkachuk. The storyline involved lousy food, a creepy janitor, an over-enthusiastic and a grumpy counselor, boring art projects and the revelation that the campfire stories were coming true. This play was directed by Angie Radke. Crew consisted of director, cast and Michael Herman.

The final performance for the afternoon was by the senior students. Set in a 1950s style diner, the play focuses on a fatal car accident where angels are sent to earth to assist with the survivor's grieving process. The cast and crew are commended on the props, music, set and costumes that captivated the audience in the era.

Cast consisted of Rebekah Lesko, Katrina Kindrachuk, Allanna Hawrysh, Sarah Jones, Cole Janostin, Levi Smith, Frankie Yasieniuk, Stephanie Horton, Joshua Jackson, Dylan Roth and Braden Kowalchuk. This play was directed by Janet Baranieski and Brianne Baranieski who took the performance to high school drama competitions in Paradise Hill March 30. The crew consisted of the directors, cast, Christine Gonda, Charlene Wintonyk and Michael Herman.

The people's choice awards for best junior and senior actors were presented following the collection of ballots. Junior actor recipients were Hailey Lesko and Savannah Thompson. Senior recipients were Rebekah Lesko and Cole Janostin.

There was a large art display showcasing the artistic talents of the kindergarten to Grade 12 students.

Names from the elementary entries were placed into a draw to determine winners. Recipients of the art awards were as follows in order of placing: kindergarten - Garrett Pushee, Taryn Brochu and Morgan Dubyk; Grade 1 - Krystiyan Sendecki, Karter Johnson and Summer Dewart; Grade 2 - Ty Shumanski, Silloette Thompson and Christopher Fournier; Grade 3 - Lonnie Yasieniuk, Courtney Yasieniuk and Sonora Moore; Grade 4 - Cody Shumanski, Jennifer Krascok and Caden Pushee; Grade 5 - Jason Gall, Kendra Lafreniere and Ethan Oliver; Grade 6 - John McInnes, Leah Kohut and Jerie Yasieniuk.

Linda Paulow and Valerie Kingsmill judged high school entries. Recipients of cash awards in order of placing were: Grade 7 to 12 photography - Jocelyn Fendelet, Dawson Lehmann and Ty Dishko; Grade 7/8 black/white - Tyrell Mosquito, Dawson Lehmann and Kara Baptiste; Grade 7/8 coloured - Tyra Smith, Dawson Lehmann and Morgan Attrux; Grade 7/8 project - Hailey Lesko, Dawson Lehmann and Savannah Thompson; Grade 9/10 black/ white - Jocelyn Fendelet, Kristy Kindrachuk and Megan Jones; Grade 9/10 coloured - Jocelyn Fendelet, Kristy Kindrachuk and Levi Smith; Grade 9/10 projects - Scott Markewich, Ashley Kowalchuk and Jocelyn Fendelet; Grade 11/12 projects - Dylan Roth, Sarah Jones and Braden Kowalchuk. There were no entries in the Grade 11/12 black/white or Grade11/12 coloured categories.

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