National Thank A Mail Carrier Day

Feb. 4 is National Thank A Mail Carrier Day. Mail carriers, and all other Canadian postal workers, for that matter, deserve even more recognition than usual this year. In Canada, we are rapidly approaching the grim milestone of one year of living under COVID-19. The pandemic has changed how we go about our daily business, how we interact with loved ones and friends, and how we celebrate our milestones and holidays. We have reduced our face-to-face contact with one another by reducing our social gatherings and limiting our shopping habits. 

Thankfully we live in an age with unprecedented ways of staying connected through technology, with video conferencing, email, and text messages. This is a wonderful blessing during these times, but these means of communication can be impersonal at times and do not allow for the transfer of physical items. We can also order just about anything that we want or require through online shopping, but this system still needs a way to get the purchased items to the intended recipients.

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Mail Carriers and the rest of the Canada Post staff members have come to our rescue in a big way over the last year. From giving us the means to send a birthday gift to someone special to delivering a care package to brighten up a loved one’s day. Many people tried out new hobbies this year to deal with the monotony of isolation, which often calls for ordering in the equipment to get started. While many businesses across the country have had to reduce operations or even close up for periods of time, mail carriers and the rest of Canada’s mail service have kept up the necessary task of facilitating vital business communications.

With so many people across the country unable to gather together over the holidays, we relied upon the postal service to get our Christmas cards, letters, and parcels to our friends and family. The increased demand made this already hectic mail and parcel delivery season into a gargantuan undertaking this year, but our Christmas greetings and presents made it through. All thanks to our dedicated mail carriers and their fellow staff members with Canada Post.

Try to make a point of thanking your mail carrier on February 4th or the friendly staff at your local post office. They have worked even harder than usual this year to help keep us going and deserve to know how much they are appreciated. 

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