$100,000 Extra group win in Regina

Submitted by Saskatchewan Lotteries

Jennifer Davies had, in her own words, “the best Thanksgiving ever.” On Thanksgiving Day she checked her Western 649 ticket to discover that she, her husband, and their five coworkers had won $100,000 on the Oct. 12 Extra draw!

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“Sunday morning I grabbed a coffee and sat on my couch with my tickets,” she said. “On the first ticket I won a free play, but on the second, I couldn’t believe my eyes. I had to check it again. And then I said to my husband, Darcy [Riegel], ‘We won $100,000.’”

Riegel couldn’t believe their luck either. It was only after he, too, had verified their win that Davies contacted the rest of the group – coworkers Kory Daniels, Lisa Gaebel, Bradley Palka, Gavin Crawford, and Neil Boyd.

 “I was shaking when I sent the group text to everyone. Absolutely no one believed me. Everyone in the group called and asked if I was lying, so I sent a screenshot of what we won. It was the best Thanksgiving ever.”

Davies said that she and the other group members have begun thinking about how to use their shares of the windfall.

“Some people want to use the money to pay off some bills, and some are thinking about taking a trip to Europe,” she explained. “One of the members who is stay-at-home mom can stay at home a bit longer.”

Davies purchased their winning ticket at Kools Konvenience, located at 211 Edward Street in Regina, Saskatchewan. Their winning quick pick Extra selection was 5661664.

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