City of Humboldt looking for input on newest park space

The City of Humboldt is one step closer to starting work on its newest park that will be constructed on Humboldt’s north side.

But the city is looking for input from the community first.

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The city has narrowed down the recreational amenities that will be featured in the North Park Development across 16th Avenue from the Humboldt and District Hospital Complex and Michael Ulriksen, Director of Community and Leisure Services with the City of Humboldt, says they want feedback on the next steps.

“The purpose of this survey is to get those feedback from the residents; are they happy with the components we’ve included, is there something we’re missing, is there other feedback that we should take consideration?”

During the Chamber of Commerce Tradeshow back in September, the city collected ideas on what people wanted to see for the park and developed a rough plan for the space, which will include a toboggan hill, a park pavilion, adventure playground, bike park, off-leash dog park, a rink and skating area, skate path, zipline and hillside slide, and an accessible play area. Residents are being asked during the survey to prioritize those components to see which ones the city is able to develop, says Ulriksen, since the city will not be able to build the entire park in one summer.

“It’s obviously going to be something that we have to phase in over a couple of years, but we want to be able to have that plan in place on how parts are going to get developed before we release the final plan to council here in the fall.”

While some components can be built quite quickly, others are going to take some time.

Following the work at Centennial Park this summer, Ulriksen says the city can shift to this new development in the coming year or 2022 at the latest, but it will take a few years to complete. How fast the plan can be taken to council will be a major factor in that, he says.

The survey will be available for the next few weeks through the city’s Facebook page and the City of Humboldt website, as well as at the Humboldt Uniplex where participants can scan a QR code. Ulriksen says a wide sample of the community taking part in the survey means they can confidently go forward into the next steps of the project.

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