More court appearances for three charged in connection to incident where Onion Lake RCMP shot at

Three people charged in connection with an incident where Onion Lake RCMP were shot at while they were pursuing a black SUV had more court appearances.

Tyler Wolfe and Twaine Naistus had appearances in Lloydminster Provincial Court on March 17. Danny Lee Weeseekase had an appearance on March 3.

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Wolfe’s matter was adjourned to April 21 when he is expected to elect how he wants to be tried. Naistus appears on May 5 to speak to the matter. Weeseekase has a trial scheduled for August and Chief’s trial is set for July in Lloydminster Provincial Court.

Wolfe, Naistus, Weeseekase, Melissa McAlpine, and Glynnis Larene Chief were arrested Jan. 1, 2021. RCMP say they were pursuing a black SUV on Onion Lake Cree Nation when a firearm came out of one of the SUV’s windows and multiple shots were fired at police. No one was injured.

The SUV was finally stopped in front of the Onion Lake high school. When police searched the SUV they found two SKS rifles, a sawed-off shotgun, a sawed-off 22-caliber rifle and ammunition.

According to RCMP, the accused are alleged gang associates.

Onion Lake Cree Nation has been battling gang activity and they declared a state of emergency in January 2020 after a string of drug and gang-related violence threatened the safety of its residents.  

If you are associated with a gang and want to leave it, contact STR8 UP in northern Saskatchewan at 306-763-3001, STR8 UP in central Saskatchewan at 306-244-1771, or Regina Treaty Status Indian Services in southern Saskatchewan at 306-522-7494 to get assistance.

Onion Lake Cree Nation borders the provinces of Alberta and Saskatchewan and is located about 50 kilometres north of Lloydminster.

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