Rosthern RCMP officers assist in evacuation during motel fire


The actions of two quick-thinking Rosthern RCMP officers helped ensure everyone escaped safely from a recent fire at a motel in the town of Rosthern.

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On April 14, shortly after 1:30 a.m., the officers were attending a call for service at the motel when they were alerted to a fire. They immediately activated the police vehicle’s siren to alert anyone remaining inside. One of the officers rushed into the motel, checking each room for occupants.

“It was a chaotic situation,” explains Sgt. Jacqueline Spence, Commander of the Rosthern Detachment. “Members were able to navigate through smoke, flames and the possibility of the building caving in.”

The officer was alerted that someone was still inside a room. He quickly entered it, found the individual and assisted them in escaping safely. Flames were climbing up and over the room’s door and melting the ceiling as they escaped, Sgt. Spence says.

Though the fire resulted in the total loss of the motel, no one was critically injured.

The members put aside concerns for their own safety to help others, Sgt. Spence adds. “I think that their brave and heroic actions and their quick response enabled them to save lives. They’re not looking for recognition – they’re just happy everyone was safe – but their work is commendable.”

Rosthern Fire and Rescue also responded to the fire, which remains under investigation.

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