Structure fire on 101st Street

Heavy damage to basement

North Battleford Fire report that they responded to a structure fire on the 1800 block of 101st Street on Thursday morning.

According to the fire department, one engine and one other/utility vehicle initially responded at 2:27 a.m. to the scene. They report that the fire was in the basement, and was well established by the time the first firefighters arrived. 

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The initial arriving apparatus with a crew of four was able to make an immediate entry and complete a rapid primary search of the main floor to look for occupants, according to the fire department. They then were able to transition into an aggressive attack on the basement fire. That proved difficult, as the fire department reported crws were forced to combat extremely high heat levels going down the basement stairs.

Crews then utilized a second hose line from the outside, to reduce the interior heat levels and allow the firefighters to fully advance inside the building. The initial fire attack was described as "very successful" by the department and a search of the basement was completed.

The basement received heavy fire damage, while the main floor has minor smoke and heat damage. A dollar amount on the damage is not known. The good news is there were no civilian injuries and no injuries reported to firefighters.

 In total, two engines and three other fire vehicles were on the scene. The department reports there were 13 fire personnel who responded.

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