What NOT to do when you come upon a vehicle crash

Roddickton, Newfoundland and Labrador - At approximately 12:30 p.m., on Sept. 17, Roddickton RCMP, along with Emergency Medical Services and Englee Fire Department, were dispatched to a report of a single-vehicle rollover with injuries.

The driver, who was the sole occupant of the vehicle, was transported to hospital with injuries.

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While police were investigating the collision, a woman drove through the scene, turned her vehicle around a short distance away and drove back through the scene holding a cell phone out her window. It is suspected she was taking picture(s) or filming the collision scene.

Police conducted a traffic stop and ticketed the 37-year-old driver under the Highway Traffic Act for using a hand-held cell phone while driving.

RCMP NL reminds drivers the use of hand-held communication devices while driving is prohibited. Distracted driving, especially through an active collision scene, puts everyone in danger, including other motorists and emergency personnel working on our highways.


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