14 City of NB employees make more than $100,000

The 2018 public accounts document was presented to city council at Monday night’s meeting.

The document is required under the Cities Act and the Cities Regulations to provide public disclosure of expenses incurred during the previous calendar year ended Dec. 31.

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As far as employee remuneration is concerned, 13 employees are listed as having remuneration over $100,000. Those include the director of utility services, the director of leisure services, the director of infrastructure services, the city engineer, the director of planning and development, the director of protective services, and six firefighting and one community safety officer position.  

Notably missing from that list is the city manager. Normally, that position is the highest paid among city officials, but remuneration for that role was divided in 2018 between two individuals: Jim Puffalt and Randy Patrick.

Both individuals worked for the city for only a portion of the year, and as a result their respective remunerations came in under $100,000. Puffalt’s remuneration for 2018 was reported as $95,877; Patrick’s was $72,418.

The full report is expected to be made available on the city’s website. 

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