50th Citizen of the Year awards taking place Feb. 2

In honour of the people who go the extra mile for the community, the Citizen of the Year banquet is taking place Friday, Feb. 2 at the Western Development Museum.

Cathy Richardson is 2017’s Citizen of the Year, while Emily Simon, a Grade 11 student at John Paul II Collegiate, is this year’s Junior Citizen of the Year.

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This year is the 50th year in which the News-Optimist has played a part in honouring local citizens with the award. Co-sponsors of the award are the North Battleford Lions Club and Discovery Co-op.

Since 1968, a total of 86 people have won Citizen of the Year awards. Winners have generally been from the Battlefords but the hometowns of some past winners include Edam, Maymont, Unity, Vawn and Cochin. Past winners include Eiling Kramer, who won Citizen of the Decade in 1980, and Alex Dillabough, who won the Citizen of the Year in 1984.

Past recent winners include Rob Rongve and Heath Gabruch in the same year, Tammy Donahue Buziak, and Ray Fox. Pat Gotto won last year’s Citizen of the Year award, and Natalya Shevchuk won last year’s Junior Citizen award.   

The Junior Citizen of the Year award began in 1992. As of yet, no one who has won a Junior Citizen of the Year has won a Citizen of the Year award.

Every 10 years someone wins a Citizen of the Decade award. Ray Hickson last won in 2009.

The Feb. 2 event begins with a reception at 6:30 p.m., and the banquet begins at 7 p.m. Tickets are $30, and can be purchased at the News-Optimist office.

Below is a complete list of Citizen of the Year winners since 1968:

1968 *Dr. Ian Smith, Edam

*Mrs. Mary Cusator, N.B.

1969 - *Rev. Frank Myers, Maymont

*Mrs. Vida McDonald, N.B.

1970 *Walter Scott, N.B.

1971 *Eldon Elliott, N.B.

*Ken Nelson, N.B.

1972 Phil Ganley, N.B.

1973 *Len Quiring, N.B.

*H. James Maher

- Citizen of the Decade

1974 *Les Cameron, N.B.

1975 RCMP Cpl. Jim Mundle, N.B.

1976 *Harold Gillies, N.B.

1977 *Mrs. John Gauld, N.B.

1978 *Re. A. Marchildon, N.B.

1979  Mrs. Muriel Selinger, Unity

1980  Mrs. Johanna Sitter, N.B.

*Eiling Kramer

- Citizen of the Decade

1981 *Mrs. Pearl Balych, N.B.

*Mrs. Viola Browne, N.B.

1982 *Mrs. Laura Logie, N.B.

1983 *Mrs. Robertine Higgins, Vawn

1984 *Alex Dillabough, Battleford

1985 *Jim Martin, N.B.

1986 *Patrick Logan, N.B.

1987 *Mrs. Jean Sternig, Battleford

1988 *Mrs. Helen M. Schriml, N.B.

1989 *Miss Evelyn Brawn, N.B.

*Senator H.O. Sparrow

- Citizen of the Decade

1990 Robert MacKay, N.B.

1991 *Nora Rayner, N.B.

1992 *Margaret Francis, Battleford

Junior Citizen - Shannon Stone, N.B.

1993 Robert Colliar, Meota

Junior Citizen -  Christa Jonck, N.B.

1994 *Robert Erickson, N.B.

Junior Citizen - Jennifer Olson, N.B.

1995 *Evelyn Denton, N.B.

Junior Citizen - Erin Voegeli, N.B.

1996 Neil Kramer, N.B.

Junior Citizen - James Heilman, N.B.

1997 *John Welykochy, N.B.

Junior Citizen - Dana Pasutto, Cochin

1998 Don Salie, N.B.

Junior Citizen - Tovah Racicot, Battleford

1999 *Marjorie Martin, N.B.

Junior Citizen - Annie Parkinson, Battleford

Clayton Campbell

- Citizen of the Decade

2000 *Louise Freeman

Junior Citizen - Chandra Kasper

2001 Patrick Folan, N.B.

Junior Citizen - Erin McQuaid, N.B.

2002 Evelyn McKay

Junior Citizen - Johanna Klassen Kaiser

2003 *Ruth Woodworth

Junior Citizen - Chantel Smith

2004 Laura Lawson

Junior Citizen - Geoff Shumilak

2005 Dorothy Edworthy

Junior Citizen - Tyrel Smith

2006 Bruce Lotts

Junior Citizen - Melissa Koch

2007 Gil Bellavance

Junior Citizen - Shayleen Isaac

2008 - Ray Fox

Junior Citizen - Karen Stephenson

2009 - Reine Lessard

Junior Citizen - Tyler Garden

Ray Hickson - Citizen of the Decade

2010 - Yvonne Nyholt

Junior Citizen - Taryn Jackson

2011 - Harry Michael Dekker

Junior Citizen - Lindsay Martel

2012 - Rob Rongve / Heath Gabruch

Junior Citizen - Daniel Stokalko

2013 - Jerry Wintonyk

Junior Citizen - Jonathan Neigum

2014 - Tammy Donahue Buziak

Junior Citizen - Dylan Joachim

2015 - Floyd Andersen

Junior Citizen - Kiley Elmer

2016 - Pat Gotto

Junior Citizen - Natalya Shevchuk



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