A few new rates for the CUplex; overhaul coming next year

Some minor changes have been approved for leisure services rates and fees in North Battleford for 2020.

Administration plans to continue the 2019 rates and fees into this year, but there are some changes to the CUplex family membership rates, the CUplex birthday party rate and a new rate for the CUplex aquatic inflatable.

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According to a memo from city administration circulated at a city council meeting last week, family membership rates are going up five percent, which amounts to $3.60 per month for a family of four.

The idea behind the proposal is to close the gap between the city’s family rates and individual rates down from 21 per cent towards the industry standard of 10 per cent.

Birthday party rates are also going up immediately from the current $135 up to $165. Finally, a new aquatic inflatable has been added and the plan is for it to be at the same rates as the rock climbing inflatable: $126.25 for hour one, $60 every other hour, plus a general rental fee.   

These fee changes were approved by council. The indication from Director of Leisure Services Cheryl DeNeire, however, is that a broader overhaul is coming to all fees and charges.

The current rates and fees policy has expired and the intention is to renew the policy and make wholesale changes, but that will not take effect until next year.

According to a city memo from DeNeire, Leisure Services is gathering fees and charges from comparable cities in the province. The Recreation Master Plan will also be providing some additional data.

DeNeire’s memo stated they will present the new rate schedule for council approval in December of this year, to allow enough time for the correct data to be gathered and analyzed and take into consideration the findings of the Recreation Master Plan.

As for the rate changes for the CUplex family membership rates, birthday party rate and the aquatic inflatable, those were ones that “really can’t wait until 2021 to be implemented,” said DeNeire.

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