April 3 – 18 new cases in the North West

The COVID-19 report for April 3 saw 18 new cases reported in the North West zone. That was an increase of five from yesterday.

Hospitalizations are up two to nine.

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Twelve more people have recovered – five more than have tested positive.

Active cases have gone up seven to 78. That compares favourably – about one seventh - with our highest number of 567 on Monday, Jan. 19, of this year – the after-Christmas spike.

See the charts below to view active cases since the beginning of the pandemic, in the month and the last week.

nw all.bmp
Active cases in the North West since the beginning of data. From Saskatchewan's Dashboard
nw 1 month.bmp
Active cases in the North West in the last month. From Saskatchewan's Dashboard
nw week.bmp
Active cases in the North West in the last week. From Saskatchewan's Dashboard

As of April 3, subzone 1 had six active cases, with two new cases.

Twelve new cases brought subzone 2 to 46 active cases.

Subzone 3 had nine cases, with one new case.

The Battlefords, subzone 4, had 17 cases, with three new cases.

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