Battleford residents good recyclers

Battleford Chief Administrative Officer John Enns-Wind praised recycling in Battleford after Monday's town council meeting.

“We have great residents who are very good at sorting their trash,” Enns-Wind said.

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Battleford is considered a “clean recycler” and has low rates of contamination.

Recycling matters came to council because a contract the town has with Loraas is about to expire in August.

In 2016, the town and Loraas launched a single stream curbside recycling program.

The cost of curbside single stream recycling service, according to the new agreement, is increasing 1.5 per cent from $5.25 to $5.33 per month.

“This is a modest increase given the changes in the industry that are driving costs up and, in some municipalities, cancelling the program,” according to Enns-Wind’s administrative report to council.

Enns-Wind also reminded residents of a simple rule for throwing things away: “If it crinkles or stretches, throw it in the trash.”

Enns-Wind also said rinsing out recyclable materials helps the recycling process, as food residue can “gum up” machinery.

In other news, at the end of June, the town’s recyclables will be audited by Multi-Materials Stewardship Western.


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