Buglas, Steinborn bid farewell to NB city council

Tuesday’s city council meeting marked the end of the line for two members of North Battleford city council.

It was the last regular meeting for Don Buglas and Kevin Steinborn, although there will still be one more to go — a special meeting on Oct. 22 to approve the energy assessment RFP. The circumstances, of course, were unusual as council again met on the Zoom platform; they are scheduled to move to live meetings at Chapel Gallery on Nov. 23.

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Mayor Ryan Bater thanked both councillors for their service to the community.

“Councillor Buglas has served our community for 17 years, since 2003,” said Bater. “To you, Councillor Buglas, I just want to say thank you for your public service. Thank you, for me personally, for … being there and helping to advise me when I was a new councillor and to help with decision making.”

“It has been a true honour to work with all of you,” Buglas responded.

“It’s a lot of work but it’s rewarding. And I know some people just kind of look at us that are sitting in these seats and kind of wonder why we do it, but it’s for the betterment of our community — that we live in a community that is beyond livable, it’s successful, enjoyable place to live with your neighbours.”

Bater also thanked Steinborn for his service to the city. Steinborn was only on council four years but had spent even longer connected to the city in his roles with the fire department.

“I spent 30 years working for the City of North Battleford fire department, and when I decided to retire I still wanted to work for the people of North Battleford. So that’s why I ran for council,” said Steinborn.

Steinborn thanked council and administration for their work, noting it had been a “tough” four years.

“It’s been some tough decisions that we had to do but we pushed forward. We listened to the people of the community and we did the best job that we could,” Steinborn said.

“We made some tough decisions but some really good decisions.”


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