City bringing in new tracking service to deal with requests

The city of North Battleford is planning to bring in a new tracking service on their website that can deal with complaints about potholes and other service requests in the city.

This program is called the All-Net Service Tracker, from All-Net Municipal Solutions out of Manitoba. According to All-Net’s website, the Service Tracker “allows you to accept, track, manage and report on every service request received by your office.”

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The idea is to simply the process of handling service requests and direct those to the appropriate staff as quickly as possible.

City manager Randy Patrick described how it works at last Monday’s council meeting. If there is a service issue that needs to be addressed, such as a pothole, a member of the public could go on the service tracker site, pick the proper category, send information about the location and pop in some pictures, and automatically send the request off to the city unit responsible.

The city then proceeds with the service request. Once the work is finished, they can respond back to that person about the work that was completed and also provide pictures of the work done.

Patrick told council he expects this service should be up and running on the city’s website in the next month or so.


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