City developing strategic plan for 2021-25

The City of North Battleford is currently hard at work formulating its strategic plan for the next five years.

The strategic plan is described in a city memo as a document that outlines council’s goals, mission and vision for where they would like the city to be in five years.

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The document will serve as a guide for future projects and initiatives over the 2021-25 period, and also serve to guide budget decisions.

Among the items in the draft document circulated at council Monday was this proposed vision statement of what the City is to become: “The regional centre of Saskatchewan’s North West for business, recreation, culture, healthcare, education, career, and economic opportunity. A diverse community where our cultures and history are celebrated. Our residents are engaged, healthy and proud to call North Battleford home.”

The draft mission statement, which outlines the mission the city seeks in their day to day activities, stated: “The City of North Battleford improves the quality of life of our residents by providing leadership and sustainable services.”

The strategic plan also states the city’s values, and covers several strategic goals including “provide quality infrastructure,” “economic vitality,” “healthy and safe community,” “organizational excellence,” “regional hub” and “excellence in government and citizen focused services.”

Council members spent the April 19 planning committee session going over the proposed document and its provisions at length, and offering suggestions on revisions.

It was more of the same at Monday’s meeting, at which time the document underwent more fine-tuning with council approving some additions and amendments. Among the changes was the addition of the word "beliefs" alongside "culture" and history" in the vision statement.

The intention is for administration to bring back a final document, all revisions included, for adoption at the May 10 meeting. Once approved, it will be posted on the city’s website for the public.



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