City residents show diligence in avoiding blue bin fines

The City of North Battleford says residents have been diligent in efforts to reduce the number of contaminants recycling bins, leading to some success.

In the first month of contaminated recycling bin enforcement, says a city release, 60 per cent of the zones have successfully reduced the number of rejected bins. Enforcement has included fines starting at $100. They can go as high as $5,000.

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Rejected recycling reduces the expected lifespan of the current cell at the landfill and reduces the number of years the city has to save for this major project, says the release. The expected cost for an additional cell in the landfill is two million dollars.

“These early results are encouraging, diverting waste from the Waste Management Facility is good for the environment and the community,” states the release.

Over the next four to six weeks, city employees will be applying a refreshed recycling informational sticker onto the blue recycling bins. The new and improved sticker will provide residents with an easy guide to help them keep non-recyclable materials from entering the blue bins.

The city says residents can easily determine what is allowed to enter the recycling stream by using Recycling Coach, a free tool provided by the city. Recycle Coach can be used from the City’s website at or install it on your Android or iOS smart device. Type in the item you are inquiring about and Recycle Coach will inform you if it is recyclable, trash or if there are alternative drop-off options for that material. Beyond helping you sort what is recyclable, Recycle Coach can send reminders about waste pickup day. This feature is useful for statutory holidays – it can remind you to set your bin out the day before or after your regular waste pickup day. “Never miss a waste pickup day again.”

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