City roadways contract to G&C Asphalt

North Battleford city council has voted to award the 2020 Capital Works Projects Roadways Contract 2 to G&C Asphalt, a Division of N.P.A. Ltd. in the amount of $2,640,475.18 plus GST.

According to a city memo, the city received three bids on May 15. The contract covers the roadways portion of the 2020 Underground Pipes and Asphalt Replacement as well as other capital projects with roadways components.

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The breakdown is as follows:

100th Street Rehabilitation, 12th to 14th Avenue for $911,807.84, which is 39 per cent below budget;

95th Street Rehabilitation 15th to 16th Avenue for $261,799.09, over budget by five per cent;

110th Street from 8th to 9th Avenue for $37,113.63, or 50 per cent below budget;

101st Street from 19th to 20th Avenue for $215,738.84, for 22 per cent below budget;

Carlton Trail Improvements for $1,025,492.85, 19 per cent below budget;

Airport CAP Project - Runway 12-30 for $188,522.93, or 30 per cent below budget.

The total comes to $2,640,475.18, which is 31 per cent below the budgeted amount of $3,843,096.60. The proposal is for the runway project to be funded 50-50 between the city and province, with the city applying through the provincial CAP program. The indication at council Monday is that word on whether their application was successful would come either this week or early next week.

The city had also came in under budget on the tender for the undergrounds portion of the contract. That was previously awarded to Sanburn Construction Ltd. of Battleford, at $1,144,676.51, which was 28 per cent under budget.

City Director of Planning and Development Jennifer Niesink told council they are looking to come up with their full costs including other projects beyond roadways and undergrounds, and eventually come back to council with a five-year capital plan for UPAR. They plan to bring that back to council in the next few months.

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