City wants ability to impose clean-up costs for policing on properties

The City of North Battleford is seeking the ability to impose clean-up costs associated with policing on properties so that could be added to the property tax roll in case of default of payment.

The idea is to pass on the cost to the homeowner instead of to city taxpayers when police remove illegal drugs and weapons from a property. In a news release the city noted this process may require specialized staff and take several days to complete, but it is a process that can get very expensive.

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The city pointed out that council had passed a motion at their May 11 meeting requesting the Mayor write a letter to the Minister of Government Relations to consider a legislative change in the Cities Act.

The amendment the city is seeking would allow cities to place a charge on properties for clean-up costs associated with policing, so that those could be added to the property tax roll in case of default in payment.

According to the city's news release Thursday, by adding clean-up costs for drugs and weapons to Section 333(1) of the Cities Act, it "removes the cost from all taxpayers in the City and places the burden onto the property owner, where this illegal activity is taking place. These deadly drugs and illegally used weapons do not belong in our neighbourhoods. Property owners must do their part to ensure their properties are not harbouring illicit activities."


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