Connaught and River Heights added to Battlefords outbreaks list

New outbreaks in the North West zone have been added to the COVID-19 dashboard maintained by the Government of Saskatchewan.

For the Battlefords, they include:

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Connaught Elementary School, Feb. 12

River Heights Lodge, Feb. 11

Outbreaks remain listed until officially declared over by an SHA Medical Health Officer.  Previously reported but still on the list are:

L7 Electric, Feb. 3;

Notre Dame Elementary School, Feb. 4;

Drumming Hill Youth Centre, Feb. 4;

Sask Hospital North Battleford West Riverview B, Feb. 4;

Battlefords Union Hospital Dialysis Unit, Feb. 3;

Battlefords Union Hospital, Homecare, 2-E Maternity, Jan. 31;

Battlefords District Care Centre, Jan. 30;

Anderson Pump House, Jan. 29;

K5 Insurance, Jan. 22

Haven For Eight rooming house, Jan. 19;

The Lighthouse Serving the Battlefords, Jan. 18.

Keyanow Child and Family Centre, Jan 12;

North Battleford Comprehensive High School, Jan 11;

Battlefords Union Hospital medical unit, Jan. 10;

Porta Bella Restaurant and downstairs Bar and Grill, Jan. 6;

CJNB radio, Jan. 5.


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