Envirosafe pre-approved for cannabis facility, awarded hemp license

North Battleford-based Envirosafe Chemicals Canada announced Tuesday they have been pre-approved by Health Canada to build a cannabis cultivation and processing facility in the city.

They received that notification on Sept. 11. Upon the finish of construction, Envirosafe will also be submitting a site evidence package to demonstrate the fully-built site meets all requirements of the Cannabis Regulations for final inspection, at which point they anticipate they will be awarded their cannabis licence.

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This pre-approval has been described by the company as their “green light” to secure funding and begin construction of their cannabis facility, located in the Parsons Industrial Park area of North Battleford.

As well, Envirosafe was awarded an Industrial Hemp Standard Processing Licence from Health Canada, pursuant to the Cannabis Act, effective Aug. 23, 2019. This licence is necessary for Envirosafe to be able to process and manufacture products and derivatives from locally grown industrial hemp.

It means Envirosafe can start production of low-cost, high-quality, extraction of pure cannabidiol (CBD), which will be derived from a sun grown hemp biomass from a local outdoor cultivation site in North Battleford.

Pure CBD extracts will then be refined into a CBD oil that can be consumed directly or be infused into a range of products for distribution.

“These two highly-anticipated announcements are of great significance for Envirosafe’s next steps into cannabis growth and production,” said James R. (Jim) Davey, president and CEO of Envirosafe, in a news release.

He added the approvals expedites “our vision to cultivate and process a high-grade, quality portfolio of clean cannabis products free of additives, to provide relief from unnecessary suffering , and as an alternative to chemical means by offering a natural resource for healing.”

Davey also stated this allows them to further expand their presence and identity as a Saskatchewan-based company. “We take great pride in our Saskatchewan roots and we’ve continued to grow and bring prosperity to the region, enhancing our ability to contribute in a meaningful and prosperous way to the Saskatchewan economy.”

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