Family grateful for support during son’s illness

As of Dec. 12, $60,085 has been raised through a Facebook online auction group by the generous donations from the community and beyond.

Whitney Inkster, Raeanne McIntyre’s sister and spokesperson for the family says, “More money is coming in from the few auction items still to be paid for.”

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As well, a comedy evening is being planned, local people are putting on a bake sale to raise funds and Mrs. Michaud’s Grade 8 homeroom students at John Paul II Collegiate raised $408 through a bake sale. Whitney says another school wants to have a bake sale, too.

The money will be used for the different expenses Raeanne and Darren will have now and in the future such as keeping the three family children at home cared for as well hospital parking fees, the cost of someone driving the other children to the city each weekend to see their parents and Braxton, and other expenses that may come up.

Braxton and his twin Bryer were born at 28 weeks by emergency C-section in 2018 to parents Darren and Raeanne. Since then Braxton has been in and out of hospital suffering recurrent infections, skin ulcers, pneumonia, Norovirus, and influenza. His heart rate has had to be constantly monitored, and just last week Braxton was in the operating room recently a temporary line put in under his collarbone.

Darren hasn’t been able to attend his job as a service manager at Scott Campbell Dodge as he stays at Ronald MacDonald House while in Saskatoon and drives to the hospital each day. Raeanne, a registered nurse, stays with Braxton 24 hours a day at the hospital. Raeanne’s mother from Eatonia is in the Battlefords caring for the three children at home, including Braxton’s twin brother, Bryer.

Today, Dec 13, Braxton is scheduled for another operation to place a more permanent line. Braxton is a fighter and Inkster says she believes he will pull through this, too.

The McIntyre family says they thank everyone for their generous donations. If people want to donate they can send e-transfers to Those who would like to keep updated on Braxton’s progress can join the Facebook group “Braxton & Bryer McIntyre.”

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