Fire-damaged buildings still in limbo in Battleford

The two structures that were heavily damaged in fires earlier this year in Battleford are not yet demolished, and that has prompted some concerns from residents.

At town council Monday, councillor David George asked about the heavily-damaged house on 26th Street, which was ravaged by fire in February.

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“It’s become an eyesore now,” said George, who asked when it would be taken down.

Mayor Ames Leslie responded that both the damaged house and the Battleford Esso had not come down yet, and the reason was because both structures were still caught up in insurance.

“The wheels of insurance move slowly,” said Leslie. He expressed hope that in the next couple of weeks there would be action on the 26th Street property.

As for Battleford Esso at the corner of highway 4 and 29th Street, Leslie indicated the Esso was still in the insurance as to which direction they could go — whether they needed to rebuild or refurbish.

There had been some cleanup done the previous Tuesday at the Esso site to make it more presentable, Leslie said. But the construction crew were still on hold as to bringing down the building. The structure was heavily damaged by a car wash fire in late January.

The mayor pledged to keep people in the loop as to what was happening with the two properties.

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