Fire on 101st Street

A busy year for local fire crews got busier on Monday as they responded to another structure fire in the city.

This time it was a significant morning fire at a house on 101st Street near 15th Avenue.

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At Planning Committee on Monday, Fire Chief Lindsay Holm reported that there was a “fairly major fire” at the location. There had been concerns there might have been someone inside, but Holm said his firefighters were able to get in and determine there wasn’t.

Holm also reported he would be looking at demolishing the property as quickly as possible. The area would be fenced off, and he indicated the insurance company would be looking at the damage, but Holm expressed concern about the state of the property.

“It’s a very old home, I believe built in approximately 1920,” Holm said. The home doesn’t have wall decking like newer homes do, which mean the wall studs go from the floor all the way up to the rafters in the roof. There is considerable damage in one of the corners and Holm believed it wasn’t going to be safe.

“It’s something I’m going to take down as quickly as possibly if I can, just in the interest of public safety.”

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