First Saskatchewan deaths from COVID-19

Saskatchewan is reporting that two residents of the province have died on Sunday from COVID-19.

According to the province, the residents died in hospital as a result of complications related to the COVID-19 virus, in separate parts of the province. These are the first two deaths in the province tied to the pandemic.

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According to the province both were in their 70s, and one of the cases was related to travel. The province is not releasing confirmation on locations where the deaths occured out of concern for the families' privacy during a stressful time. The two deaths happened in separate parts of the province.

"Today's sad news is a sobering reminder for us all that COVID-19 is a dangerous and deadly diseae, and that we have to keep making efforts to reduce the spread and need to continue to adhere to the measures that are in place," said Premier Scott Moe at a news conference Monday. 

The premier expressed condolences to the families affected. He also thanked residents across the province for what they are doing to control the spread of COVID-19.

"It is having an impact. But we are a long ways from being through this yet. So we have to keep going." 

At the news conference in Regina, Dr. Saqib Shahab called it a "sad milestone in our fight against COVID-19."

Dr. Shahab said it was "very sad but also not unexpected." He said the province could continue to see more hospitalizations and deaths, but also a greater number of people recovering.

Shahab expressed hope that cases regarding gatherings of events would diminish because there "really aren't a lot of gatherings happening," he said. He urged those with symptoms to stay home, and if they developed a fever or aches and pains to call HealthLIne 811 to get tested.

As of March 30, Saskatchewan had 20 new confirmed cases of COVID-19, bringing the total to 176. Five are in hospital across the province. Four are in acute care and one in the intensive care unit. One inpatient case is located in the north while three are in Saskatoon. One ICU case is located in Regina.

At least eight cases are a result of local transmission; the rest are travel-related, or cluster-related from exposure at mass gatherings.

The breakdown of cases by region is as follows:  North (including the Battlefords and Prince Albert) 37, Far North 3, Central (excluding Saskatoon) 10, Saskatoon 84, South (excluding Regina) 6, and Regina 36.

Five cases were individuals 19 years of age and under; 80 are in the 20-44 range; 62 are 45-64; 29 are 65-plus. 55 per cent of cases are males and 45 per cent females.

Six more people have recovered for a provincial total to 14.

9,651 COVID-19 tests have been performed in Saskatchewan, an increase of 565 from yesterday. 


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